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Children from Gala Foundation had a fun day at BSM

On Friday 3 June 2016,  British School Manila Year 6 classes welcomed the children from their Service Learning Partner, The Gala Foundation, based in Angono, Rizal.

‘We decided to invite Gala to BSM and use the money we had have raised to provide fun activities we could do with the children – to help us get to know each other,’ said a student from class 6GP.

Over the past few weeks BSM Year 6 students have worked hard to raise money for The Gala Foundation through their ‘Money Matters’ project. The students sold a range of products on BSM campus, to their fellow students, over a 2-day period and raised over PhP30,000.

During the visit by Gala, each Year 6 class led a different event. 6GP class began the day with sport, year 6AD then led an art project and 6GD finished the morning with an ICT activity.

‘It was fun and this was just the first step in working with the Gala Foundation,’ said a student from 6GP. ‘We will continue to support them next year in other ways.’

Some notes from our students about the morning:

During the Gala visit I liked doing sports with them, tennis and poison ball. I loved spending time with them, showing them around our school and walking and chatting. – student from 6GP class

When Gala came to Year 6 we had prepared 3 activities for them. My class helped them to decorate a bag which they could then take to their house. We made many new friends and my Year 6 friends agree that it was an experience we won’t forget. – student from 6AD class

During the Gala visit I really enjoyed working with the children on the ICT activity as we got to teach them how to edit pictures. They made a personal card which they took home to decorate their rooms. – student from  6GD

It was a fun morning for everyone involved and a special ‘Thank You’ to Miss Gemma, our wonderful PLA, for helping to organise a memorable experience.

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The British School Manila continues partnership with One Million Lights, and CAS Week

On Monday 23rd May 2016, The British School Manila’s Year 4 students went on a visit to a rural community in Tagaytay to distribute 75 solar powered lights to 75 families. The visit had a notable effect on the students and staff who spent time with the community, donating one light each to a family.

The solar panel lights donated by BSM make a real difference to the lives of people living without electricity. The amazing fundraising efforts of our Year 4 students, parents and staff throughout the year should be congratulated. The students raised funds from a stall they ran during the BSM Fete in May, as well as designing, making and selling Mother’s Day cards. It is wonderful to see all the hard work’s result in such a life-changing contribution.

Year 4’s activity is part of the BSM Service Learning programme and happens in the same week our International Baccalaureate students set out for Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) Week with the highlight on Bayanihan. The common aim of all of BSM Service Learning projects is to let our students engage with an issue of global importance and to plan and initiate a project to tackle this at a local level. Our students collaborated with a range of NGOs and charities, as well as community members; these were all committed and equal partners in the various endeavours. The range and diversity of the projects that our students were involved in last week was remarkable: building chicken coops, refurbishing computers, certificating adult education, modelling and developing interview techniques, engaging in art and drama workshops with elementary children and refurbishing a tired playroom for young children in hospital. The locations ranged from Alabang to Quezon City, from Tagaytay to La Union in the Ilocos Region, to BSM.

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Results from the various projects underscore how the BSM student’s service learning goals are highly achievable and the truly life changing impact this can have on local communities. However it is not only the practical outcomes that we consider valuable, but also the partnerships and sense of community engendered by this BSM Service Learning initiative. The smiles, hugs and handshakes at the farewell moments were powerful; this experience will stay in the minds of many, for a long time.

It was indeed a privilege to see our students reach out to the local communities and work with external providers, seeking to understand local needs and let local stakeholders develop their own solutions.

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