After a brief hiatus, former PBB sweethearts Cora Waddell and Luis Hontiveros will team up, once again, for the season ender of WATTPAD PRESENTS entitled, Just The Strings.  Based on the Wattpad novel by Beeyoch, this is the second book of the author’s “Just” series that has captured millions of Wattpad readers and is, in fact, the most-awaited TV adaptation this year.

Just The Strings is the story of Imo (Cora Wadell), a quintessential “emo” girl whose life evolves around books and underground music.  Her so-called miniscule world becomes large in all proportions when she accidentally rode on the wrong car, thinking it was her UBER ride, which is being driven by the school heartthrob and basketball star, Saint (Luis Hontiveros).  This chance meet-up leads to a blossoming romance despite Imo’s eternal infatuation with her childhood best friend Parker, who is played by Starstruck finalist, James Teng.  Imo is also ruptured by the fact that both Saint and Parker are linked with other girls but in some such way, also baited by Imo’s kindness and whimsical character.


Whose string will Imo be attached with?  Who is “the one”?  Her long-time best friend Parker or Saint, who gave her worth and romance?  Or will there be . . . just the strings?  This episode will surely bring a lot of kilig for everyone, both young and old.

Also starring Chris Leonardo, Jefferlyn Serrano, Ruth Lopez-Dee and Sophia Reyes.  Written by Mark Ghosn and Fyodor Macanda, under Firestarters Productions, INC. and directed by award-winning director Isabel Quesada, catch WATTPAD Presents Just The Strings #JTSonTV5 on Saturday, 9PM on TV5.





A Slam Dunk Father’s Day Treat at Marriott Manila

It’s game time on Father’s Day! Dads are sure to be hooked on the NBA finals, and so to get him off the bench is an MVP treatment at Marriott Hotel Manila. The 5-star hotel tips-off the special day with a basketball-themed celebration. Their Marriott Café puts on the line a reasonably priced hefty buffet with surprise treats: Pre-Father’s Day dinner buffet on June 17 at Php 2,650, Father’s Day Sunday Brunch on June 18 at Php 2,800 and Dinner Buffet at Php 2,650.

Marriott Café makes a home-court advantage with a hoop arcade for everyone to play on. Throw your best shot to score your dad some sporty gift items. But right before that, indulge on a lavish feast made for a king. On top of their famed global cuisines, expect comfort foods like “Double Dribble” – a cart of delish hotdogs and cheesy nachos. Servers will also pass round “Slam Burgers” that are made of homemade patties layered in cheddar cheese and mayonnaise. Make a crossover at their fine dining restaurant, Cru Steakhouse for martinis and foie gras. Sweet confections are also for steal at the Marriott Café bakery. Cupcakes, cookies, cakes and more are in basketball designs that would be too hard to resist. After a sumptuous celebration, call for a timeout and tag your dad along at the Greatroom for winning cocktail shots by the bar.

And since every man would agree that “ball is life”, Marriott’s exciting celebration idea is a sure hit to surprise your dad. It is crunch time to Father’s Day, so double time and hit dial to reserve seats.

Marriott Cafe is located at Marriott Hotel Manila’s G/F and is open from at 11:00am to 2:30pm for Sunday Brunch and 6:00pm to 10:30pm for Dinner Buffet. For inquiries, call (02) 9889999 or visit manilamarriott.com. To keep up on their latest offerings, follow @marriottmanila at Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat and, @manilamarirott on Instagram.

Home is where change begins

Elevate home life this New Year with Haier appliances

Every New Year comes new resolutions, but before laying down any health, relationship, or financial goal for 2017, take a good look at your home.

“How we organize our homes reflect how we see ourselves,” said Joseph Alexis Bandol, Haier Philippines’ Director for Product Marketing. “Surrounding our homes with our dreams and aspirations can inspire us to work towards what we want to become.”

A New Year makeover is the perfect opportunity to transform our homes into spaces that motivate us to accomplish positive changes in our lives.

Let’s start with the most practical elements: appliances. Older models are often less energy efficient than more modern counterparts. Newer designs also come with improved functionalities as well as better aesthetics.

Appliances play a vital role in raising quality of life—a core concept behind the innovations of global electronics leader Haier. Here are some of the brand’s appliances that have been designed to elevate home life to inspired living.

Ultra HD TV

With four times the resolution of full high-definition television, 4K TVs bring unbelievable visual clarity that makes TV watching no different from looking out the window.

To further heighten the experience, Haier’s 4K Ultra HD LED TV comes with a 48-inch screen along with an upscaling feature, auto volume leveler, and power-saving technology.

Inverter Refrigerator

Unlike traditional refrigerators, inverter models consume electricity by half or even less by minimizing energy consumption when temperatures are already optimal.

Haier takes this up a notch with inverter compressors equipped with Flexible Double Frequency conversion technology to cut power use to less than 0.1 watts when idle—the lowest in the industry.

Green Air Conditioning

It’s time to replace those clunky energy-guzzling air conditioners with units that save on electricity. Even at 0.5 horsepower, Haier’s window-type ACs can cool a bedroom without dramatically increasing the utility bill.

These air conditioners also use eco-friendly refrigerant to cool homes while lowering environmental impact. The compact, space-saving design further adds modern elegance to any space.

Automatic Washing Machine

Laundry day doesn’t have to be another time-consuming chore. A large-capacity, fully automatic top-load washing machine can reduce the effort needed to clean a week’s worth of dirty clothes.

For added convenience, Haier’s large-capacity automatic washers are designed with a Tub Dry feature and Magic Lint Filter for easy maintenance, as well as 10 water level options and eight washing programs to accommodate different volumes of laundry.

Cooking Appliances

Good kitchen efficiency means having an easier time following a healthier diet. With Haier’s 2,100-watt induction cooker, you can prepare nutritious meals with no worries thanks to different pre-settings for various cooking styles.

For busy days, a 23-liter microwave oven from Haier will let you cook simple, hassle-free meals through six power levels so you won’t have to resort to fast food when you’re on the go.

“Positive change starts at home. The small improvements we make at home can help create an environment that encourages us to become better people, not just for ourselves but also for others,” Bandol said.

Welcome New Year with a home that inspires good living. For more details, visit www.haier.com/ph.

How Much Do You Know About Hollywood’s Grandest Trophies?

The awards season will soon be in full throttle and it won’t be long before the red carpet rolls out for the luminaries of Hollywood’s music, film, and television scenes. There are a lot of things we watch out for as the countdown begins to some of Hollywood’s brightest nights: the Golden Globe Awards, People’s Choice Awards, and the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards ceremonies.

While we wait to have a glimpse of the best celebrity outfits, the most gorgeous celebrity couples, and   the most stirring acceptance speeches, it is the fervent hope of the night’s nominees to bring home symbols of dramatic milestones for their careers.

While the guesses keep coming in as to who will emerge most triumphant this awards season, we take a look at the precious mementoes that the nights’ nominees hope to win.

  1. The Golden Globe Awards have been around since 1944 but the Globe’s design—a globe wrapped in film—was only decided a year later in 1945. In 2009, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association gave the Golden Globe a make-over. The 5.5-pound, 10.75-inch statuette now has a new marble base and a 24 karat gold plated zinc die cast top.
A Golden Globe award at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA on Sunday, January 12, 2014.

A Golden Globe award at the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA on Sunday, January 12, 2014.

2. Aside from the statuette, winners of the Golden Globe also receive a red velvet lined, leather bound chest with HFPA logo stamped in gold.

3. Meryl Streep has eight Golden Globe wins and 30 nominations, a feat that no other actor has surpassed. If honorary awards are included, Barbra Streisand holds the record of having the most Golden Globes. The singer-songwriter turned actress and filmmaker has nine Golden Globe wins.

4. Waterford Crystal, the designer of the People’s Choice Award trophies, is an Irish company that closed down in 2009 and re-emerged later that same year after several difficulties and take-overs. The crystal manufacturer inked the deal with the People’s Choice Awards in 2010. Aside from the People’s Choice Awards trophy, Waterford Crystal also designed sporting trophies, including the winning trophies French and German Grand Prix in Formula One.

5. The 10-pound, 14-inch high trophy for the People’s Choice Awards. The trophy’s small upright cuts on the base create light refraction, which are signature designs by Waterford Crystal. The thickness and clarity of the crystals used in the trophy is evident in the top part of the award, which includes large center cuts on both sides of the award.

6. The 16-inch, 12-pound trophy of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, called the Actor, is famous for its pose they do not start out with arms upon their creation. When the trophies are made, a mother mold made with silicon is used to create the wax, which might break off when it is pulled off from the mold. To prevent this from happening and to achieve the famous pose, the arms are attached separately instead.

7. The task of creating the statuettes for the Screen Actors Guild Awards falls to the American Fine Arts Foundry in Burbank, California, which specializes in bronze art foundry and sculpture fabrication for artists. To date, the Foundry has produced more than 1,000 Actors, 952 of which have been awarded since 1995.

8. In 2015, a 10-foot, 200-pound replica of the Actor made an appearance at the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. It turns out that the Actor made a detour while on its way to the Shrine Exposition Center. The stop-over started a new SAG tradition and everyone is now on the look-out for the Actor’s next destination.

Now whose homes will these trophies adorn this January?

All three awards ceremonies air LIVE from the US first and exclusive on RTL CBS Entertainment. The Golden Globe Awards ceremony aired last January 9, 8AM, the People’s Choice Awards on January 19, 10AM and the SAG Awards on January 30, 9AM.

man with a plan

‘Friends’ stars switch things up

Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry, who famously played roommates Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing, respectively, on Friends, will have a reunion of sorts with their new shows at RTL CBS Entertainment:

The Odd Couple, starring Matthew Perry, premiered last October 21 while Matt LeBlanc’s new show Man With A Plan is set to premiere on October 28.

odd-logo mwp-logo

As both shows go on air this October, viewers can look forward to Friday night fun watching two different but humorous takes on the domestic challenges faced by modern guys.

Is ‘Daddy’ Fun Times really having fun?



Le Blanc’s new role in is a seeming departure from Joey Tribbiani’s womanizing as his equally hilarious role in Man With A Plan looks into the challenges that fatherhood pose.

In this new series, LeBlanc plays the role of Adam Burns, a contractor who finds himself taking care of his three kids when his wife, a stay-at-home Mom for 13 years goes back to work. While Adam wanted to call himself “Daddy Fun Times,” he discovers that parenthood is not always a smooth and easy ride.

As Adam gets to perform his new role as head of the household, he finds himself dealing with his kids’ internet addiction, untidiness, and the need for their wishes to be constantly indulged.

Among Adam’s misadventures is only having Listerine strips to offer when his kids look for snacks while on the way to school. Adam also forgets a universal sentiment among kids – that cleaning up and doing chores is no fun.

Adam also offers up some timeless fatherly advice. After his youngest daughter tells him that kindergarten frightens her, Adam says: “Honey, you should be worried – kids are mean. But just know, if you ever feel uncomfortable, just start swingin’ – a punch in the nose could be a real problem solver.”

Faced with these mounting pressures, can Adam really be the great father that his wife expects him to be?

For better or for worse

odd couple

LeBlanc played a womanizer in Friends but it looks like he has passed on that role to his real-life buddy Matthew Perry, who is back on The Odd Couple as playboy sportswriter and radio sports host Oscar Madison. On the show, Oscar ends up living with his college friend, Felix Unger (played by Thomas Lennon), in a disorderly bachelor apartment, after his ex-wife divorces him for being thoughtless.

Going for a second shot at real love, Oscar copes with his new life together with Felix, a clean freak whose desire for a clean apartment puts him at odds with his divorcee friend. And even as Oscar begins dating other women, he never quite moves on from his previous marriage.

As Oscar and Felix try to get past their differences, will they finally find their dream romance by season three?

Catch The Odd Couple’s season three every Fridays at 9:30PM, and Man With A Plan’s series premieres on October 28, 9:00PM, exclusive on RTL CBS Entertainment.