ETSI Technologies, Inc. now 100% Filipino-owned

Popularly known as “ETSI“, this former German and Finnish Joint-Venture company is now completely taken over by Filipino investors as of Nov. 28, 2014.

Being around for 33 years and still progressing, ETSI boasts one of the richest experience in and has continued in bolstering the growth and advancement of the local telecommunications industry. Its strength lies on competent Filipinos complemented by the proven technical expertise of former strategic partners such as Siemens (1982-2007) and Nokia (2007-2014).

ETSI has built a vast majority of the country’s fixed, mobile, fiber-optic and data communication networks and was the first to be entrusted with a large-scale outsourced service for mobile network optimization, operation and maintenance. It was also the first company to establish a high-level software research and development center in the Philippines inaugurated by His Excellency President Benigno S. Aquino III in July 11, 2011.

Under its newly-founded independence, ETSI plans to serve a much wider market in terms of industries & enterprises, solutions and geography. It will continue its core business in enhancing and developing telecommunications services while expanding to other promising fields by capitalizing on its proven Engineering & Project Management expertise.

ETSI has always been committed in delegating Filipino talents in all its projects including those with its past partners– as in the case of Siemens and Nokia– globally. With its accreditation and licenses from the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board, Philippine Overseas Construction Board and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, ETSI envisions an extensive increase in its talent deployment here and abroad.

Atty. Romarie G. Villonco, Chairman and General Partner of Siguion Reyna, Montecillo and Ongsiako Law Firm, is now the Company’s majority shareholder and will remain as the Chairman of the Board while Mr. Cesar Jacinto V. Castro II, the former SVP & GM of Siemens Philippines and Country Director of Nokia Siemens Networks Philippines, will serve as President & CEO.

ETSI’s Senior Officers and Advisors includes: Mr. Marcelino Banaria, Jr., General Manager and head of Customer Operations, Ms. Leslie Anne Dador, Chief Finance Officer, Ms. Jaclyn Mendoza, head of Corporate Services, Mr. Cesar Bonifacio, Chief Operations Adviser, Mr. Ernesto Alino, head of Portfolio and Partner Management and Mr. Salvador Castillo, head of International & Special Projects, all of whom have well-established professional track records in their respective fields.

ETSI Officers


Zero to Hero: A Hero Sharing Boot Camp

MANILA Be a hero on National Heroes Day, August 25, and spend it with Fellow Heroes by going to Zero to Hero: A Hero Sharing Boot Camp at Commune Cafe, Makati from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Leading the event is Hero Of D Day (HODD), a non-profit social media organization that believes there is a hero in all of us. Founded by a group of passionate individuals wanting to affect positive social change, their vision is for people to recognize the hero within and become everyday heroes themselves – mindful of the abounding good around them, grateful for these, and inspired to pay it forward.

To do their part, HODD collects stories of heroism and publishes them online. They also partner with organizations involved in social advocacies, community development, and nation building. They launch programs meant for personality and skills enhancement as well. One such program is the HODD Huddle, the HODD community meeting. Here, participants have the opportunity to learn more about the organization, attend workshops, and meet other individuals dedicated to the cause.

At the upcoming HODD Huddle Zero to Hero: A Hero Sharing Boot Camp, talks and activities await Fellow Heroes. Andy Samaniego, a commercial lifestyle photographer and visual artist, will be giving tips on taking artful photos using a smart phone. Karen Galarpe, the City Editor for GMA News Online, will present social media writing tactics. Eric Melendez, a writer and researcher for non-profit organizations, a contributor for Esquire Philippines, and a renowned fictionist, will be speaking about writing for social causes and how to creatively tell a story. HODD Correspondents are set to share their experiences on finding heroes in their daily lives as well.

All in all, the day promises to be fun, educational, and inspiring. Get tickets today at Give P100 at the door for a Hero Of D Day kit and a certificate.

For more information on Hero Of D Day, visit Like them on and follow them on Twitter and Instagram @heroofdday. For inquiries, email