Marriott Manila Joins Earth Hour with Dinner in the Dark

Marriott Manila Joins Earth Hour with Dinner in the Dark

As the whole world turns off lights on March 25 for Earth Hour, Marriott Hotel Manila brings back their illustrious Dinner in the Dark at Cru Steakhouse. Due to popular demand, this unique dining experience returns in the most perfect and darkest night.

Marriott Manila Joins Earth Hour with Dinner in the Dark

Dinner in the Dark first came to the Philippines at Cru Steakhouse last October 2016. It returns this year with a 4-course exceptional fete for only Php 2,500 per person. How does it work? Blindfolds are provided to be worn as you take a seat and finish the last dish. Dishes are kept hidden for you to unfold by your tasteful judgements.  A guide stands by for basic instructions and desciptions of what’s on your plate. Without the sense of sight, all your other senses will awaken to appreciate every flavor of the food and your ability to see.

Marriott Manila Joins Earth Hour with Dinner in the Dark

Don’t just hide yourself in the dark on Earth Hour. As nature takes rest, jump up your appetites for this rare dining experience. Hit the dial button and see you in the dark!

Marriott Manila Joins Earth Hour with Dinner in the Dark

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PTRCA 2.0: A Groundbreaking program gets an upgrade

Since 2008 the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia (PTRCA) in Manila has been offering Filipinos from underprivileged backgrounds career opportunities as “Mechatronics,” or elite technical specialists for Porsche vehicles. The brands Audi and Volkswagen now become new cooperation partners in this initiative. In future the companies are planning together recruiting junior technical staff from PTRCA, with job opportunities mainly in the Middle East region. The development of the PTRCA to PTRCA 2.0 with the new cooperation partners means that much more young Filipinos will be accepted in the training program. Instead of the current 32 trainees per year, in 2016 there will be 120 and in 2017 even 145.

The PTRCA first began when Robert Coyiuto, Jr., Chairman and CEO of PGA Cars, Inc., observed that his local technicians were often being pirated internationally through the global Porsche network.

“I discussed with a member of the Porsche AG board the possibility of setting up a training school in the Philippines, because our technicians were highly sought-after worldwide,” he recalled. Fortunately, Porsche AG was impressed by the practicality and potential of Coyiuto’s brainchild, and thus the PTRCA was born. “We are proud to be the very first training facility of Porsche outside of Germany, and remain fully committed to invest in the future of our underprivileged youth,” Coyiuto further emphasized.

In the past six years, in cooperation with PGA Cars and Don Bosco Technical Institute (DBTI), Porsche has already trained more than 250 young adults as motor vehicle service mechatronic technicians. They cover the sports car manufacturer’s growing demand for qualified specialists, especially in the Porsche centres in the Middle East and Asia Pacific growth markets.

“Good English language skills and the good work ethic the people of the Philippines are known for are beneficial here”, explains Michael Drolshagen, Head of After Sales at Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, the reason for setting up the PTRCA in Manila. Training there was and remains first and foremost a recruitment program. “But of course for us it means also practising social responsibility. Because a qualification from the PTRCA not only gives these young adults access to the international labour market, it also gives them a real opportunity to noticeably improve their own living conditions and to strengthen their family environment.”

Starting this year, PTRCA extends its scope by including Audi and Volkswagen for the Middle East region.  Benoit Tiers, Group Managing Director of AVME (Audi Volkswagen Middle East) comments:

“The program has proven its value and we can build on it quickly and easily. It demonstrates the strengths of our Group by using synergies and know-how across the Volkswagen Group brands. We will be closely involved in the PTRCA 2.0 in the next years as we plan to participate in the development of the curriculum, but also to look at further training for teachers and eventually the equipment. The expansion of the PTRCA program to include a body technician apprenticeship and from 2017 service advisor training programs lends additional dynamism. This noticeably further increases the benefits for all Volkswagen Group brands and the dealer network.”

Given that PTRCA 2.0 will now service the manpower needs of Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen, the number of scholars and the logistical requirements of the course will understandably increase. This year, 60 trainees will participate in the program, and from 2016 onwards, a total of 120 trainees in two waves. The training will be comprised of four semesters (approximately 2,200 teaching hours in 24 months), with two examinations. The hands-on portion of the curriculum will likewise increase as the training progresses.

The Order Salesians Don Boscos play a major role in the overall structure of the PTRCA. With its Don Bosco Technical Institute the society has outstanding educational expertise and excellent technical know-how. In addition, the Salesians Don Boscos are the ideal partner for working with underprivileged young people. With their long-standing presence they enjoy a high level of acceptance, especially in the poor districts of the Philippines. “The Salesians Don Boscos are extremely well geared to our needs. And the fact that they are represented in 132 countries means that we can multiply the training program at any time, too”, says Dr Stefan Lutz, Director After Sales Market Qualification and Support at Porsche. His team has been responsible for the operational support of PTRCA right from the start. Among other tasks the team is concerned with the training content of the 24-month apprenticeship.

“Young people have a right to education, training and work”, says Christian Osterhaus, Managing Director of the German NGO Don Bosco Mondo. “Vocational training ‘Made in Germany’ is highly regarded around the world. And it is not only young people in emerging and developing countries who benefit – society as a whole and the companies involved benefit just as much. I am very pleased that a premium company like Porsche is also giving underprivileged young people abroad a chance. Together we are able to offer young people from extremely difficult social backgrounds prospects for finding a good job through vocational training and therefore the chance for a life in dignity. Here in Manila we are experiencing exemplary implementation.”

_D4S46821 [518182]The development of the PTRCA to PTRCA 2.0 with the new cooperation partners Audi Volkswagen Middle East means that in future even more space is needed. So it’s good that the Don Bosco Technical Institute is currently building a new 6,000 square metre training centre in Manila. On an area of about 1,500 square metres it will house seminar rooms and training workshops for the PTRCA 2.0 for the brands Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen. With the appropriate equipment the brands also ensure that the young people are instructed in accordance with state-of-the-art technology. In addition, thanks to future cooperation agreed with the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, after their final examination they will receive a certificate that can be even better compared with the European qualifications framework.

As to what the future has in store for the scholars of PTRCA 2.0, Coyiuto gave the following advice: “The road ahead will be demanding, but I urge all of you to face every challenge as an opportunity, and with perseverance and fortitude, to achieve victory at the end.  The PTRCA has given you a once in a lifetime opportunity that is limited to a select group. Work hard, give it your best, and keep learning,” he concluded.


Calpol Go Ginhawa

Jolina, Suzi, Jackie leads Calpol “Go Ginhawa” Mom Movement

Instantly, a woman’s priorities shift once she becomes a mother. The world stops being just all about herself because there is another precious being that now depends on her for genuine love, care, and concern.

Three celebrity moms know this only too well as they have all done a 180-degree turn when they bore children of their own. Different worlds they may have come from, but actress/singer Jolina Magdangal, host Suzi Entrata-Abrera, and blogger Jackie Go all agree that motherhood is the best thing that has ever happened to them.

Paracetamol Calpol®, a product of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, provides effective fever relief for children. Aligned with GSK’s mission to enable people to do more, feel better and live longer, Paracetamol (Calpol®)’s mission is to provide children with ginhawa na maasahan from pain and fever incidences. By doing so, Calpol commited to be every mom’s partner throughout this wonderful journey of motherhood.

To truly bring the Ginhawa message to life, Paracetamol (Calpol®) has launched its Go Ginhawa Mom Movement, a community of mothers who advocate for nothing but the best for their children – the best health care, the best nutrition, the best way of child rearing, the best education, and more. Through the Go Ginhawa Mom Movement, mothers will be able to connect, communicate and share with one another best practices and best ideas in raising their children, especially in managing sickness like fever and flu.
To help kick-start the movement, Paracetamol (Calpol®) has chosen three moms that clearly represent what the Ginhawa movement is all about. These are Ginhawa Moms Jolina Magdangal-Escueta, Jackie Go and Suzi Entrata-Abrera all of whom advocate only the best for their kids.


First-time mom Jolina Magdangal-Escueta admits that she needs all the help she could get in rearing little Pele, now one-year-old. She is learning the ropes of motherhood by the day, and being in a community of mothers like the Go Ginhawa Mom Movement is very comforting and most welcome.

‘’Just recently, Pele had fever and I didn’t know it would be that difficult. I almost cried because he felt so weak and I wasn’t used to seeing him like that. I was very reliant on my pedia for advice. Now, being part of the Go Ginhawa community is such a comfort knowing that there are also others to share the experience with. It’s also a great way to find great products such as tried-and-tested, doctor-recommended solutions like Paracetamol (Calpol®),’’ Jolina says.

Being a Ginhawa mom, to Jolina, is about making sure that her children feel comfortable, especially when they’re sick. ‘’I am a hands-on mom, I even bring him to work so I try to do everything for Pele myself, and that includes making sure he gets the best medicine when he has fever,’’ she states.

Lifestyle and parenting blogger Jackie Go, mother to five year-old Gabbie and two year-old Juro, gushes at how motherhood has changed the dynamics of her life. ‘’My children have made my heart more grateful than ever. They are my teachers and they’ve made me realize that life is a constant process of learning. Motherhood has made me a better person,’’ Jackie exclaims.

Jackie is also living the ‘’cool mom’’ part to the hilt.

‘’I’ve always been a cool mom. Not worrying much about the little things. But when Gabbie was sick the first time, I remember trying to be strong even though I was panicking inside. It was such a blessing that I had my mother in-law to help me out. She assured me that fever is the body’s natural response to infection and that I shouldn’t be too scared when my daughter gets it. It was then that I realized the value of having other moms with you during these times. And that’s what I love about this movement.”

Paracetamol (Calpol®), Jackie says, helps her stay a cool mom. ‘’It has immensely helped me manage my children’s fever. It’s my reliable partner in providing the feeling of ginhawa for my kids. We never go on a vacation (whether out of town or out of the country) without it,’’ she says.

Meanwhile, among the three, Suzi Entrata-Abrera has seen the most action as a mother. After three children (Leona, 11; Jade, 10; and Nella, 9), Suzi still regards motherhood as that single experience that changed her life – heaps!

‘’My focus is no longer about myself. It’s now about caring for my kids, and my husband as well. I know that not everyone is given the opportunity to become a mother so I really am trying my best to become better at it day by day. So far so good!’’ says Suzi.

After 11 years of being a mom, Suzi would like to believe she is now ‘’pretty chill’’ when it comes to the girls getting sick. ‘’Maybe because they are older, they are able to express specifically what they are feeling. Usually they will have some muscle pain from various activities or a bit of a fever. But still, it does not get easier on me when they are sick. My youngest is nine already, but I still get afraid whenever they have fever. I guess you never get over that. You still want to do everything for them, especially when they’re sick,” Suzi adds.

Suzi brings to Calpol’s Go Ginhawa Mom Movement one thing – the confidence of being a super fun mom!

‘’I am everything all at once! I tend to be the usual kind of mom. Always telling the girls to pick up after themselves, not to use the computer too much, brush their teeth, read more, say please and thank you, etc. All of our kids are girls so I think it’s important that they start being responsible at an early age. I try to be a fun mom too! I take them to the park on our bikes or go out to the mall for shopping or the salon for some girl bonding. They’re at that age when we are able to do more things together! Super fun!” Suzi quips.

These three Go Ginhawa moms all have found a reliable ally in fighting their children’s fever with GSK’s Calpol which contains paracetamol that has been proven effective to relieve children of the discomforts of fever and pain.

“I’m very new to parenting, so the fact that Paracetamol (Calpol®) has been a trusted brand for many years gives me peace of mind. It’s one less thing to worry about for when Pele has a fever,” Jolina enthuses.

Jackie, meanwhile, has found that Paracetamol (Calpol®) is the fastest medicine for children in the market for treating fever.

“The great thing about Paracetamol (Calpol®) is that it’s fast-acting. It’s the fastest among fever medicines for children that my kids have tried. I don’t have to miss out on my children missing out on school or friends,” she says.

Abrera, meanwhile, likes that her daughters don’t have trouble drinking the medicine. “My children actually like the taste. They tell me that they actually like the orange and strawberry flavor of the medicine, so I don’t need to beg them to drink it,” she enthuses.

Be a Go Ginhawa mom and be the first to get the best fever management tips and advices, blogs and articles on best motherhood practices, educational videos, and news on activities, promos and other activations. Ginhawa moms will also be able to access Calpol’s dosage calculator on its website ( to help give the right dose for their children.

How can you be a #GoGinhawa mom like Jolina, Jackie, and Suzi? Simply Like Paracetamol (Calpol®)’sFacebook page ( and send us via Facebook Private Messanger your full name with contact details and e-mail address as well as your childs name and age, it’s that easy! You can also invite your mommy friends to be part of the community and be the first to get the best ginhawa tips and promos, and even exchange tips and advice on childcare and motherhood.

Enjoy motherhood and your child’s precious moments next time fever hits with doctor-recommended and every mom’s partner Paracetamol (Calpol®). Because when fever is gone, life takes its place!


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About Calpol®

The Paracetamol (Calpol®) line of products contain Paracetamol that is specially formulated to give effective fever and pain relief among children. It comes in 3 formulations: 100mg/mL infant drops 10mL, 120mg/5mL suspension 60/120mL and 250mg/mL suspension 60mL. It is also available in two (2) great-tasting flavours, orange and strawberry, that children will surely love. For further information, please visit .

*Calpol is a registered trademark of the GSK group of companies.

Caltex Fuel Your School boosts STEM learning

In anticipation of the needs of incoming Grades 11 and 12 in 2016 for public schools, Caltex is helping thousands of public high school students in Metro Manila see their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) projects come alive through the Caltex Fuel Your School (FYS) program launched today in Caltex Mabini station.

“From June 15 to July 15, 2015, we will donate one peso (P1) for every 4-liter fuel purchase made by motorists at participating Caltex stations in Metro Manila. We aim to hit P5 million in this campaign month. The donation will then be turned over to our project partner American Chamber Foundation of the Philippines (ACFP) that is tasked to qualify submitted project proposals as well as the purchase of qualified STEM classroom projects,” announced Peter Morris, country chairman of Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI).

On the other hand, the Department of Education of the Philippines as FYS project partner shortlisted the 33 highest-need public senior high schools in Metro Manila as beneficiaries qualified to receive a maximum of P150,000 per school in STEM classroom materials.

FYS Event Photo

“Caltex Fuel Your School strongly reflects our company’s continued commitment to education. I believe if you take a combination of quality school equipment, passionate teachers, and motivated students, that’s when education becomes very powerful. Through this project, we hope to further empower the teachers and spur the students’ interest to help them excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics,” adds Raissa Bautista, CPI manager for Policy, Government & Public Affairs.

“This program is a most welcome partnership with Caltex considering that the Philippines is about to implement the senior high school program next year where STEM is given equal importance along with other tracks. The donation answers our need for additional equipment to give adequate training and preparation to our students,” said DepEd Regional Director for NCR Luz Almeda.

FYS project partners estimate that at least 700 teachers and 9,000 students from the senior-ready public schools will benefit from the FYS program.

Driving FYS through Social Media

Aside from supporting the program via fueling at Caltex, the FYS partners also invite the public to help the schools by viewing and liking their favorite schools’ qualified projects as posted on the Caltex Philippines Facebook page at or via . The FYS leaderboard in the website will be regularly updated to reflect ranking of the projects that generated the most to least likes. Projects will be funded in the order of their July 15 leaderboard rank. The top three projects with the most number of fan likes at the end of the FYS campaign will each receive an additional brand new laptop as bonus prize.

The program also encourages social media users to help the schools get their STEM wish list by promoting their projects online. Chevron, for instance, has an ongoing FYS awareness volunteer campaign  among its employees, retailers and other business partners by urging them to create selfies and groupies using FYS props and posting them as their Facebook profile photos during the FYS campaign period and sending the FYS PH link so their own FB friends can also vote.

“It has been one of my dreams to see my students in a well-equipped laboratory room where they conduct experiments, manipulate the microscopes and discuss their findings. I’m just so glad this can become a reality through Caltex Fuel Your School,” said Cecilia Santiago, science teacher from M. Araullo High School in Manila.

ACF President, Edwin Feist shared “Caltex Fuel Your School is a wonderful program that helps bright and talented students who do not have sufficient funds to support themselves. We’re certainly delighted to work with Chevron in this innovative campaign to promote STEM education to local schools where assistance is highly needed,”

Caltex Fuel Your School is part of Chevron’s Energy for Learning Initiative, which supports educational programs that create opportunities for individuals to acquire new knowledge, gain new skills and be exposed to different ways of thinking.

For more information about Caltex Fuel Your School, visit or contact the FYS hotline at 399-2505. Vote and help promote a FYS classroom project via Caltex Philippines Facebook page at 

About Chevron Philippines Inc. 

Chevron Philippines Inc. has been operating in the country for more than 90 years. Caltex™, its retail brand, offers high quality products and services. There are close to 700 service stations strategically scattered throughout the Philippine archipelago and employees working in several areas of business such as Marketing, Lubricants and Terminal operations. The Chevron products that are available in the Philippines include Caltex with Techron® fuel and Caltex Diesel with Techron®D, Havoline® and Delo® oils. More information on Chevron Philippines Inc. is available at

Ready, Set, Go! Spin to Greatness with the Infinity Nado

Toy nation unite! The newest game that has been making waves all over Asia and the rest of the world is finally here in the Philippines. Prepare to spin your way to greatness with the all new Infinity Nado.

Infinity Nado Coaches - Jessica - Gem - Angel

Infinity Nado takes gaming to a whole new level with its precision fighting tops that feature the latest in battle technology. Made by popular toy-maker Auldey, Infinity Nado tops are designed using advanced physics that revolutionizes and increases game play and competition.

The digitally advanced top is based on a popular Anime series of the same title that focused on battle, justice, & friendship. The story features the adventures of Jin and his mates as they enter the center of the Gyro-type tower to stop its rotation and overcome the evil forces to save the world. The hit Anime series currently airs weekdays at 9:30am on TV5.

The games are likewise built on the same principles promoting non-stop, action-packed fun. Its tournaments and regularly sanctioned competitions have been happening in different parts of Asia and the rest of the world, gaining more fans and gamers, young and old alike, all eager for a NADO battle.

Built for strength, stability, and speed, Infinity Nado tops are mechanical spinning wonders perfect for tinkering, thrill-seeking tots. It is composed of five interchangeable layers that manipulate the top’s center of gravity. This makes for precision control whether you wish to play at a lightning-quick pace or a hard-nosed attacking style. 

Infinity Nado’s sophisticated gameplay features the world’s first RFID (Radio Frequency ID) smart chips that store fight stats and data using a state-of-the-art digital scanning system. The smart chips store gamers’ personal information and keeps real-time track of level certification, accumulated score, and fight history.

Setting up the Infinity Nado is easy. Follow the directions on how to piece together the parts. Once assembled, activate the digital scanner, by yourself through a personal computer or with the help of Infinity Nado coaches who will be touring different toy stores in Metro Manila to spread the good word about Infinity Nado. After that, you can start keeping tabs on game history and progress to earn points to steadily climb up the ranks.


Infinity Nado Coaches Jessica, Gem, and Angel will be visiting major malls to interact with gamers and help newbies find out the ins and outs of this new and thrilling game. They will also be on hand to award serious gamers with their very own Nado Passport, a badge that serves as entry to sanctioned tournaments and into the world of Infity Nado.

Infinity Nado will soon be hosting weekly and monthly competitions where avid gamers can meet and bond. Not only that, but competitors also stand the chance to take home a brand new car if they win the Infinity Nado’s grand battle.

Mix and match your Infinity Nado parts to stay on top of the class. Watch out for Infinity Nado spinning tops such as the Infinity Nado Aspis, Infinity Nado Jester, Infinity Nado Cyan Spout, Infinity Nado Furious and more. You can now grab your Infinity Nado toys in Toy Kingdom, Toy Town, Toys R’ Us and other toy stores in Metro Manila.

The Infinity Nado tour kicks off this weekend of January 31 and February 1 with a visit to Megamall in Ortigas Center, Pasig. The team will soon visit major malls near you, so watch out and keep those tops spinning until then.

Like its Facebook page at and keep posted to find out more details on Infinity Nado products and information about their weekly and monthly tournaments.