modern living tv

Modern Living TV features trendy tablescapes and baby essentials

Time to step-up your dining table setup as new mom Stephanie Zubiri meets interior design consultant Rachelle Wenger who will share ideas on how to add flair to your everyday meals with easy-breezy table setting tips.

Stephanie also explores the wealth of locally found plant species that can cure all sorts of ailments from minor headaches to dengue as she discovers nature’s healing wonders.

Also in this week’s episode, Bianca Gonzalez visits Mothercare, a one-stop shop for mother and baby essentials, to shop for the latest time-saving gadgets specially made for your little one.

Bianca also goes to the Slim’s School of Fashion Exhibit to see the exciting and adventurous sartorial creations by the fresh batch of designers from the most established fashion learning institution in the country.

modern living tv

Every 30-minute episode of Modern Living TV features the latest eye candy in the form of breathtaking living spaces and other elements of modern living.

Don’t miss Modern Living TV’s latest episode! Now on its 6th season, Modern Living TV airs every Saturday on ANC at 6:00 p.m., with replays on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Modern Living TV is the first lifestyle TV show by a news media organization.

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