Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid Nurisha launching at Sauyo

Globally, The Coca-Cola Company committed to sustainably address micronutrient deficiencies in vulnerable communities worldwide. In the Philippines, Minute Maid Nurisha Supplementary Program aims to help address the issue of malnutrition among ‘wasted’ school children through a great tasting, nutrient-fortified, ready-to-drink orange juice drink called Minute Maid Nurisha.

Co-developed by Coca-Cola Philippines and the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of DOST, Minute Maid Nurisha is high in iron and clinically proven to alleviate IDA. It has 14 key nutrients to address the nutrient gaps in a child’s diet and aid their physical and mental growth. In partnership with the Department of Education, and local government units, Coca-Cola Philippines will be able to provide 65,000 school children with Minute Maid Nurisha this year.


Minute Maid Nurisha Launching Program Schedule



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