Tupperware celebrates 22 Years of touching lives

Throughout the years, Tupperware Brands have fulfilled its mission to improve lives as every Filipino family’s partner in the kitchen, in daily beauty routine and even bonding time during summer picnics. This February, our local leader Tupperware Brands Philippines, Inc. celebrates its 22 years as a household name in the country and a symbol of empowerment for people who seek confidence.

Pioneering on new shores

When Tupperware first came to the Philippines as a direct-selling pioneer, no one could have foreseen how much influence it would have on the country and around the world. The brand has reached the homes of thousands of families across the nation and expanded to reach more parts of peoples’ everyday lives. Tupperware took the next big step when it merged with Sara Lee Direct Selling Philippines to what we now know as Tupperware Brands Philippines, Inc. – a multi-brand, multi-category direct sales company whose products cater to the different life stages of the entire family.  Going beyond the iconic Tupperware storage solutions, Tupperware Brands offer world-class products in baby and kids care, fragrance, personal care, skin care, and cosmetics. The 22-year journey has brought about an array of top brands like Tupperware, Baby Care Plus+, Colour Collection, and Ivana, products that has helped make Tupperware Brands a strong direct-selling force in the Philippines.

Reaching for greater heights

“Thank you for 22,” says Jun S. Pangilinan, President and Managing Director of Tupperware Brands Philippines.  “February is the month-long celebration of a corporate milestone: the anniversary of Tupperware as a leader in direct-selling in the Philippines.  However, we are more than just a stock or account – we aim to continue strengthening the company by reaching greater heights with our unceasing efforts of providing opportunities to Filipinos to help improve their lives, bridge generations, and inspire confidence in more women across the nation through our Chain of Confidence campaign. Our commitment to delivering quality and innovative products for the home and family remains a top priority.  Tupperware Brands also hold true to our commitment to enlighten, educate, and empower by sponsoring kids of World Vision Philippines to help them achieve better education.” 

Jun Godornes with Perry Mogar

Building lives and bridging generations

Aside from its signature Tupperware parties, the company makes an effort to give back to the Filipino community through cause-oriented initiatives and promoting healthy living. This February, Tupperware Brands partnered with PhilHealth’s second nationwide simultaneous run, Ready, TseKap, Go! To promote a lifestyle that makes healthy living fun for the whole family.  Truly, Tupperware Brands Philippines, Inc. aims to continue its legacy as a leader of empowerment in terms of making healthier choices as well as strengthening career choices for many more years to come.

PHOTO SHOWS: Tupperware Brands Philippines, Inc. Leadership Team gathers at their headquarters in Makati City. L-R: Enrico Santos (Marketing Director), Jane Montilla (HR Director), Cel Torres (Chief Finance Officer), Graciano Pangilinan (President & Managing Director), Patrick Duavit (National Sales Director).



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