RTL CBS Entertainment presents all three seasons of House of Cards this February

All 13 Chapters of Each Season Back-To-Back During Weekend Watchathons 

Season 1 – February 14, Saturday from 4pm (3pm JKT/BKK)

Season 2 – February 21, Saturday from 4pm (3pm JKT/BKK)

Season 3 – Same Day as U.S. Release – February 28, Saturday from 4pm (3pm JKT/BKK)

RTL CBS Entertainment HD will air all three seasons of the critically-acclaimed and award-winning series House of Cards this February.  Viewers will enjoy all 13 chapters (episodes) of each season back-to-back during weekend watchathons that have been scheduled.

The Season 1 watchathon will air on February 14, Saturday starting at 4pm (3pm JKT/BKK).  Season 2 will be broadcast the following Saturday, February 21 from 4pm (3pm JKT/BKK).  Season 1 and Season 2 watchathons will prepare viewers for the all-new third season of House of Cards. 10915342_836794616343306_4736788356479173806_o On February 28 from 4:00pm (3:00pm JKT/BKK), all 13 chapters of the all-new season 3 of House of Cards will be aired on RTL CBS Entertainment HD on the same day as its release in the U.S. After the weekend watchathon, the series will air weekly every Wednesday at 9:55pm (8:55pm JKT/BKK) beginning on March 4.

HOUSE OF CARDS stars Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood in this wicked one-hour political drama series that slithers behind the curtain of power, sex, ambition, love, greed and corruption in modern Washington D.C.  Francis and his equally ambitious wife Claire, played by Robin Wright, stop at nothing to ensure their hold on power.

About RTL CBS Entertainment HD

Launched in Asia in 2013, RTL CBS Entertainment HD is the first channel of RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network, the joint venture formed by world leading content producers, RTL Group and CBS Studios International.  A general entertainment channel, it offers a balanced mix of reality, drama, comedy and daily programmes and features exclusive first run content within hours of the initial US or UK broadcast including series Scorpion and House of Cards; talent competition The X Factor UK; and daily shows Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and the Late Show with David Letterman.  The channel also features popular programmes including Under The Dome, Extant, Elementary, Beauty and the Beast and America’s Got Talent and the world’s most prestigious award shows such as the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards®, the Critics’ Choice Awards®, the Billboard Music Awards®, the Hollywood Film Awards®, the People Magazine Awards®, the American Music Awards®, and the Golden Globe Awards®.


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