Reward yourself and come home with a new car this New Year!

The yuletide season is almost over! After a whole year of hard work, saving your income, and even enduring the loneliness of being away from your family for those working abroad, reward yourself and your loved ones by celebrating New Year with a brand new car!

Now, owning your new car is a breeze with BPI Family Auto Loan because it takes away the hassle of hopping from one car showroom to another to check out the vehicles, specifications, and prices. You also need not visit a bank to inquire about your financing options or to apply for a loan. Through BPI Family Bank’s innovative website,, car shopping is extremely made easy so you spend less time buying and can have more time driving your new car with the family!

BPI_60 secEnjoy a wide range of car and financing options within reach minus the long process of canvassing, consulting and applying through traditional means. With you can buy the car of your dreams anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks. Now made even better with the new 60-second Loan Pre-Qualification feature, it instantly assesses if you can buy the brand new car of your choice. In less than a minute, you can determine the cars and financing options suitable to your financial capacity. It’s the perfect self-service facility for first time car buyers who lack the confidence of visiting car showrooms and banks, discomfited of not knowing if their credentials can afford them a brand new car.

Get the best gift for your family through BPI Family Auto Loan with low down payment, low monthly amortization, and free insurance options. BPI Auto Loan can help you get the car you want easily through its affordable offerings and ground-breaking features.

For one-stop car shopping, just log on to and click the Auto Loan tab. Clients may also visit any of over 800 BPI and BPI Family Savings Bank branches nationwide or call (02) 845-6777.


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