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Safe House Storage Philippines
offer a secure, efficient and convenient experience for your packing, moving and storage needs


Have you been thinking of organizing your home but can’t imagine letting go of your precious belongings? Are you considering moving to a smaller residence? Do you have things that are taking up too much space at home and work?

Much has been written about the importance of uncluttering your environment to “leave room for new opportunities”. Not ready to sell, throw or give away those items with sentimental value?  Sending boxes to a storage facility presents a safe and secure solution to “keeping” items you’re not quite ready to part with yet.

First introduced by enterprising brothers Marc and Carlo Coronel in 2010, and inspired by the self-storage concept that continues to gain popularity in the United States, SafeHouse Storage is the first and largest self-storage facility in the Philippines with two fully functioning branches located in Taguig and Quezon City; and since its beginning, the number of units has grown by 3000%.


Each facility offers a range of storage unit sizes, each with roll-up doors for each tenant’s privacy,  27/7 CCTV cameras, and roving security guards to provide a safety and security.  The smallest storage unit can accommodate the equivalent of 8 balikbayan boxes, and the largest capable of storing 110 balikbayan boxes. Rentals start from as low as Php 2,000/month.

Unlike the self-storage services available in other countries, SafeHouse Storage offers storage solutions that are personalized to meet customers’ needs, including end-to-end services that include packing and moving to ensure reliability and convenience. 

More Than Storage

Aside from providing clients with regularly maintained and secure storage space, SafeHouse Storage’s team of experts can assist in packing and transporting even the most fragile items such as antique furniture, paintings and collectibles.


Knowing that organizing and keeping track of valuables can be a tedious task, the team offers their services in records management and archiving.   For added convenience, customers may opt for a customized racking and tracking system them that allows them to retrieve and review documents with ease, or a barcode system that make the management of their files more expedient and accurate.  SafeHouse Storage also offers insurance with a starting coverage of P100,000.  Even on-site auctions can be conducted by the Company’s accredited wholesale buyers for items clients want to dispose.

“We have designed our business to make it really work for our customers,” explains Marc Coronel.  “We realize that the whole exercise of packing belongings and shipping them off to a storage facility is one that demands time and effort from already busy schedules so we’re making it easy for busy people to just hand off to us and we’ll take care of everything that needs to be done, down to making packing lists and managing their records at the facility.  We’ve invested in training our people in the ‘science’ of packing and storage, and have invested in the technology and partners that make this happen.”

Bigger and Better for the Future

With storage now becoming a necessity for more families and businesses, new facilities within Metro Manila and new services are in the pipeline to respond to growing demand.

“We are working on expanding our record management services and looking at climate-controlled spaces to store items that are more sensitive to weather such as furniture, paintings, media tapes and material that businesses keep in stock with us,” shares Carlo Coronel.   “We are very happy with the response to SafeHouse storage and continue to work hard to maintain the trust that our customers have in us and our service.”

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For further inquiries, please contact:

Maricar Picornell                                                      Lhen Hasal

Ogilvy Public Relations Manila                          Ogilvy Public Relations Manila

Tel: (032) 238-7000                                                   Tel: (032) 238-7050

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